The Extraordinary Misadventures of Sarah Bates

yarrHowdy there, sailor of the interwebs and let me bid yer a fine welcome on this day! I be workin’ on makin’ this here webbie site whatsit a bit of a makeover right now, but since yer already here I’ll gives yer a bit of a clue as to whats goin’ on.

If yer’ve been to before now, then it don’t look much different I’d wager, ‘cept for the part where the blog ain’t on the homepage no more. See, I figured it was high time to make this site somethin’ a little more than just a bloggie whatsit and transform it inter somethin’ shiny like.

If you ain’t been to before, don’t yer worry, I don’t talk like this all tha time, just on days I feel like bein’ a pirate. Today happened ter be one of ‘em days and it happened ter also be the day I made my webbie thing all different. Any ways, happens to be the home of the scurvy filled pirate that be Sarah Bates, that’d be me in that goofy photo yer can see. That bunny on my head is my first mate, yer can call her Bunny since that be her name and all. Me and Bunny goes off on adventures sometimes and I share ‘em with the world on here. Othertimes I’ll make up stories and post ‘em on here and sometimes I share things that ain’t stories or adventures neither, but weird things I be thinkin’ of or learnt. If ye be wantin’ to know more about me fine self, there’s a magic button all sorted for yer to do so: Just click on the “About Me” thingy at the top.

As fer what is gonna be when I’m done making it all shiny like, that’d be spoilin’ the surprises and yer can’t be a good pirate unless yer can keep a secret, else yer crew’ll find out yer planning mutiny and then it’s the plank for yer for sure!

Come back soon to check up and see what this new webbie thing looks like!

Captain Sarah Bates, of the ship